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The physical workplace is among the top three determining factors of employee satisfaction. Ensure that your company’s workspaces maximize productivity and innovation, while gaining traction in attracting the highest quality employees.

In order to accomplish this, Altanova can help you to provide a space that fosters agile organization and collaboration within a team.

Your company’s workplace should speak to your mission and vision.

Workplaces can communicate value to employees and clients, and the efficiency and flexibility of your workspaces will go a long way in the operations of your business. Altanova’s team of energy engineers and architectural consultants have developed a toolkit that will enable you to develop a sustainably-designed and functioning space for the future of your company.

Access to daylight and use of sustainable materials are just a couple of ways to ensure that your space is designed to be “green.” A holistic approach to the design and construction of all aspects your space, from acoustics to ventilation, is necessary to develop a space in which your employees will be at their most productive and healthy levels. An optimal indoor air quality requires collaboration in the planning stage and a strict implementation during construction.
Altanova identifies the importance and quantifies the benefits of creating dynamic fit-outs for office spaces. Our team will work together with your architects, engineers and construction team to directly influence productivity levels and employee satisfaction.
Additionally, Altanova assists companies to engage and motivate employees through education, training and development of employee resource groups to support innovation and growth while ensuring fair labor standards and human rights throughout the value chain.

Feel better, work better

Workplaces with low indoor environmental quality can be harmful to a company, leading employees to higher levels of absenteeism, turnover and lower levels of productivity and engagement. A workplace that provides a healthy environment to employees allows them to focus under the best possible conditions and increase productivity and engagement levels.
Our team of workplace strategists have designed a number of tools that can be utilized within the workplace to improve health, well-being and comfort for your employees. We additionally have the experience necessary to define strategies to improve indoor environmental quality and provide the financial arguments often needed to justify these improvements.

Concentration, Innovation and Collaboration

Our team of workplace strategists collaborates with your design team to develop space plans that have proven benefits to employee productivity, satisfaction and engagement. Studies have shown improvement in work satisfaction and productivity in offices with variety of workspaces, those that allow for both individual privacy when concentration is needed and spontaneous group collaboration.
Pre- and post-occupancy surveys can be a useful way of measuring the effectiveness of space planning, as perceived directly by employees. By involving employees, you can help shed light on to issues that can then be mitigated to further enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

  • Julien Lafond
    Julien Lafond
    Managing Principal & President
Julien Lafond
Managing Principal & President

SBC_EDA_20151020_stn2 - 1037 (2)Founder of Altanova, a New York based strategy and engineering consultancy providing innovative solutions bridging the gap between sustainability and technical implementation, Julien has over 14 years of experience advising global executives on strategies that create sustainable shared value.

Altanova has expertise on corporate sustainability and real estate, workplace, risk and resource optimization Prior, Julien worked for Altran Technologies, a global innovation consultancy, leading advanced simulations for industrial design and the development of expert systems supporting complex decision making process for major corporations such as Lenovo, Conagra, BiogenIdec Areva, Alstom and Airbus.

Julien has worked and lived in France, Switzerland and the United States.

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