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LEED certification has become a competitive necessity for class A and other premium projects, and for mission-driven organizations. Altanova has extensive experience with all LEED certification programs and versions, assisting over 200 clients to develop a clear strategy to achieve cost-effective certification. Our team of experienced engineers and architects have managed consulting services for certification of LEED New Construction, Core + Shell, Commercial Interiors, Existing Buildings and Recertification throughout all stages of design, construction and operations and for all levels of certification, from Certified to Platinum.

We coordinate the entire LEED process for our clients, and liaise between all necessary parties. We advise on the selection of credits to target, provide guidance on achieving the credits and support members of the team responsible for documenting credit submittals and coordinate with the GBCI throughout the certification process. Drawing on our expertise in engineering and energy efficiency, we also complete all the technical credits of the LEED scope, including energy modeling, commissioning, daylighting calculations, etc.

Where applicable, Altanova provides construction oversight and inspection for the proper installation of mechanical systems and energy conservation measures. Our engineers are proficient in executing duct blaster and blower door tests and have experience overseeing the commissioning process for large heating and cooling plants.

LEED Process:

LEED Charrette

Altanova facilitates, prepares and orchestrates a kick-off charrette to identify the LEED strategy for the project by evaluating each LEED prerequisite and credit. Through this exercise, we develop a LEED scorecard for the project, to be continuously developed and tracked throughout the LEED process.

LEED Application Submission

Altanova coordinates the LEED registration, submission and certification of the project application on behalf of the owner, which occurs through an online platform, LEED Online.

Building Energy Model

Altanova performs an energy model for the building for LEED “Optimize Energy Performance” credits, where applicable. The building energy model looks at all aspects of the building that affects energy performance: insulation, windows, envelope, HVAC system, lighting, etc.

LEED Documentation Management, Coordination and Technical Guidance

Altanova provides support to the project team to aid in implementation of strategies identified during the LEED charrette. These may include: introducing documentation requirements and templates, review of product submittals, assistance in LEED calculations, developing LEED action plans, etc.  Where applicable, Altanova provides additional support for the submittal of Credit Interpretation Requests (CIR’s) and appeals to GBCI.

Post-LEED Certification

Once a LEED project is certified, Altanova provides clients with a final certification report, assists in purchasing LEED plaques and can assist in press releases if requested. For LEED Existing Building projects, Altanova provides ongoing tracking assistance in preparation for Recertification.  For New Construction and Commercial Interiors projects, Altanova can provide measurement and verification (M&V) services to ensure energy efficiency goals are maintained once the project space is occupied.

Enterprise Green Communities (EGC) Certification

Enterprise Green Communities is the first green building framework in the US that focuses on the affordable housing sector.  Altanova is an approved Enterprise Green Communities Technical Assistance Provider, helping our clients to align affordable housing investment strategies with environmentally responsive building practices. Our goal through leading clients through this framework is to ensure that affordable housing inhabitants are healthier, spending less money on utilities and have more opportunities through their connections to transportation, quality food and healthcare systems.

See any of our affordable multifamily projects or ask us to learn more about the compliance process with the 2011 guidelines, or the future 2015 Enterprise Green Community certification process.

  • Erik Mets
    Erik Mets
    Director, Building Solutions
Erik Mets
Director, Building Solutions

ErikErik has thorough experience in high-performance building design and renewable energy analysis as well as energy and other environmental audits for commercial and industrial facilities. He provides green building and LEED certification assistance and advisory for projects looking at building the best possible environment for their employees or occupant. He is also performing renewable energy feasibility studies and has conducted advanced researches into solar PV, solar thermal (hot water) energy, wind and hydroelectric power.

Erik holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics from Fu Foundation School of Engineering at Columbia University in New York City. Mr. Mets is accredited as a LEED Green Associate.

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