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Understanding the issues that are most important to a business and its external stakeholders is a key step in creating an impactful sustainability strategy. Our two stage materiality approach begins with an evaluation of business objectives and impacts. Unlike traditional materiality assessments that rely primarily on stakeholder perceptions to drive analysis, we integrate technical data, science, and industry benchmarks to create a fact based view of sustainability risks and opportunities for our clients.

We then engage and integrate the feedback of internal company leaders and key external stakeholders into our assessment. The result is a prioritization of issues that balances fact based impacts with legitimate stakeholder perceptions. This dual approach helps companies make the business case for allocating resources towards high impact issues that drive business success and address stakeholder concerns.

  • Julien Lafond
    Julien Lafond
    Managing Principal & President
Julien Lafond
Managing Principal & President

SBC_EDA_20151020_stn2 - 1037 (2)Founder of Altanova, a New York based strategy and engineering consultancy providing innovative solutions bridging the gap between sustainability and technical implementation, Julien has over 14 years of experience advising global executives on strategies that create sustainable shared value.

Altanova has expertise on corporate sustainability and real estate, workplace, risk and resource optimization Prior, Julien worked for Altran Technologies, a global innovation consultancy, leading advanced simulations for industrial design and the development of expert systems supporting complex decision making process for major corporations such as Lenovo, Conagra, BiogenIdec Areva, Alstom and Airbus.

Julien has worked and lived in France, Switzerland and the United States.

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