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Altanova assists owners to ensure the optimal operation of building MEP systems and equipment through our Retro-Commissioning and Ongoing Commissioning services for existing facilities. Whether you need commissioning services for local law compliance or LEED-EB certification, or are just interested in gaining the long-term benefits of lengthening the lifetime of your building systems or improving operational aspects of your building, Altanova can help you with your commissioning needs.

Commissioning is increasingly being sought by owners to enhance the performance of existing buildings. Some states and jurisdictions require commissioning for local law compliance. For existing buildings, retro-commissioning requires a relatively modest upfront investment. According to a study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), the average cost for retro-commissioning is $0.30 per square foot, and the median payback time is a little more than a year, with 16% median energy savings. Conversely, a building that is not commissioned will cost 8-20% more to operate over its lifetime.

  • Erik Mets
    Erik Mets
    Director, Building Solutions
Erik Mets
Director, Building Solutions

ErikErik has thorough experience in high-performance building design and renewable energy analysis as well as energy and other environmental audits for commercial and industrial facilities. He provides green building and LEED certification assistance and advisory for projects looking at building the best possible environment for their employees or occupant. He is also performing renewable energy feasibility studies and has conducted advanced researches into solar PV, solar thermal (hot water) energy, wind and hydroelectric power.

Erik holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science degree in Applied Physics from Fu Foundation School of Engineering at Columbia University in New York City. Mr. Mets is accredited as a LEED Green Associate.

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